Which is the best Nightclub in Budapest?

Nightclub BudapestTo find a Nightclub in Budapest is not a too big problem, as in any other major European city there are nightclubs all over the city. But not all of them are trustworthy and good so the choice should be done in advance and the nightclub chosen wisely to not run into a trap and leave a shit club with 300€ less in the pocket.

Here on NightclubBudapest.com you find unpaid and independent reviews and ratings of many nightclubs in Budapest to give you an overview of where you can go and enjoy the night and where to stay out. On several websites, blogs, forums about Budapest you find people crying their eyes out because they have been threatened and in the end paid 300€ and more for some drinks with not even good looking ladies.

Is that what you are looking for?

No! Therefore I have deicded to review all nightclubs in Budapest if they are trustworthy and fair, what is the club like and how about the girls.

I believe that you will appreciate this information if you check out the clubs in advance.

In the menu above you find all nightclubs in Budapest that are tested and reviewed so please go ahead and check them out. You find also a blacklist of nightclubs in Budapest which YOU SHOULD NOT VISIT! Under no circumstances. Why that is you can read in the Nightclub Budapest Scam article I have written.

How to identify a good nightclub in BudapestHow does a normal Nightclub in Budapest work?

To get you reading a bit I would like to tell you a bit more about the nightclub in Budapest that you should visit, what you can expect in general and how much you pay in average. You should not blindely walk into any nightclub in Budapest just because you feel like because that can end up very expensive.

A normal nightclub in Budapest does not charge any entrance or exit fee, this is done only by scam clubs which mostly turns out to be an exit fee. So you should be able to enter and leave the club freely at any time without any discussions. For a bottled beer of 0,33l you pay around 1.500 HUF (which is approximately 5€), for cocktails around 4.000 HUF (approx. 13€) and for longdrinks something around 3.000 HUF (approx. 10€). If it is dramatically more than do not enter the club. A private dance (or lap dance) costs in a normal nightclub in Budapest something like 10.000 to 12.000 HUF (approx. 45 – 50€) and last for around 2 songs so maybe 5 to 7 minutes in time. If a girl comes to you she will ask for a drink, which is quite normal, but you can refuse it and do not need to pay her for being with you (unfortunately ripp off nightclubs in Budapest do charge you money for that), you can send her away any time and she can leave you whenever she feels like. If you pay her a drink she will stay longer with you and chat with you for a while.
It is also worth to check out the club before you go there, all decent clubs in Budapest have a very transparent website with images, prices, taxi numbers you can call and much more. Further information you find on the single review sites of each club.

What to keep in mind when chosing a nightclub in Budapest:

How to identify a bad nightclub in BudapestHow to identify a scammy Nightclub in Budapest?

First of all I recommend you to only chose a nightclub in Budapest by reading reviews and articles about the nightlife in Budapest (Not only on this site) and make your choice before travelling here. I know that is not always applicable because sometimes you just feel like “Come on guys, lets go to a nightclub” even though it was not planned. However if you are coming over for a stag weekend that most likely you end up having a lap dance or table dance at lest one night. So if you plan a stag trip to Budapest than chose before you leave.

Online you will not find any information about scammy nightclubs in Budapest except of course on the websites marking them as scam and there are tons of websites dealing with this topic. So the only possibility that you run into a trap is if you do not inform yourself at all and just let it happen.

Always when you enter a club that might be a nightclub with dancing girls I urge you to read the menu which is hanging outside the entrance. You can find there information, mostly hidden somewhere in the corner in very small letters, about prices for drinks for example. If the prices are too high move on.

In case a beautiful girl chatted you up and wants to have a drink with you but refuses to go anywhere else but in this one club be very careful. These girls are paid to get you in there, entertain you and leave you afterwards without being helpful or anything. They dissappear faster than they chatted you up on the street.

Last but not least the taxi driver is your best friend. Is he really? No, the taxi driver will get you into a club he gets commission for to drop you off. So if you tell the taxi driver that you want to go to a particular nightclub that you picked before he might tell you “I know a better one, lets go there” or “That Club is closed at the moment, shall I bring you to another one?” So either the taxi driver brings you to exactly that club or you should leave the taxi.
By the way it helps to write down the address of the nightclub in Budapest you want to go and tell the taxi driver a street near the club so he does not recognize that you want to go into a nightclub.

How to avoid a scammy nightclub in Budapest:

By the way, and sorry to say, once you have been involved into nightclub scam in Budapest it does not help if you call the police. They are not able to help you.

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What is your experience with Nightclub Budapest?