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Marylin’s Nightclub Budapest

Marilyn BudapestMarylin’s Nightclub in Budapest is one of the most famous clubs among tourists and business travellers and on the market since years. Day by day you find here satisfied customers who enjoyed a night out with friends or alone and had fun with one or more of the beautiful girls Marylin’s has to offer. Marylin’s Nightclub is a very transparent bar with friendly staff and not too agressive girls. During your stay you will see several live striptease shows on stage and in the shower for free and in case you like one of the performers you can invite her for a private dance in the seperated area downstairs where she will dance for you only. The club itself is around 300m2 big and offers several tables for guests to sit down aand enjoy the atmosphere.

Girls at Marylin’s

In Marylin’s Nightclub in Budapest you find good looking girls but I would not say they are extremely beautiful or sexy. Don’t misunderstand me, they are nice and attractive but not that supermodel type of girl as one would expect them to be in Budapest.

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I am not much for strip clubs, but I enjoyed this gentleman’s club quite a bit. The odd thing is that I went in with my girlfriend at the time. I was a bit nervous because of all the things I had read about exotic dance clubs in Budapest, but they were honest, the women were all very pretty and the drinks not only had a price list posted (so no getting cheated) but were also comparable to any middle-of-the-road club in price. The strippers were polite and very good at their jobs, and even my Hungarian girlfriend found herself comfortable (her first strip club visit!) with tipping1000 forints to the one who danced on our table. I may not be back for some time, but I always recommend it to visitors looking for a place to relax and see a good lesbian show, erotic dance act or even for a lap dance (which I did not opt for myself). They have a great reputation and offer taxi service, which I have not tried, and they offer specials if you reserve ahead of time. The web page has some listed… Very relaxing, despite my initial nervousness at the surroundings!

Josue Robles:

While some guys from my unit were on a weekend trip to Budapest, we were referred here by a local retired marine at a night club. We had been ripped off at another strip club with a “surprise bill” a few months ago. He told us, “I don’t spend my time there, but they are honest and will not rip you off when you pay your bill, the girls are dancers, not prostitutes advertising themselves, and the drinks are only a little more expensive than a normal bar.” I don’t think I have had so much fun for so little money in a strip club. I spent about $150 in forints on tips, drinks and a lap dance and left a little drunk, ending a great Saturday night sometime Sunday morning. I will be back, and I will bring friends! Note: The dancers can sit with you at the table and if you get them a drink, it costs the same as a normal one for yourself, not $200 or something weird like that. Also, the bouncers are gentlemen. I saw them help a guy leave who was over his head and a little aggressive, but they basically sat him in the front lounge and got him a house taxi to take him home! What? Haha, nice people.

Location of Marylin’s in Budapest

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Further Information about Marylin’s Nightclub in Budapest

Address: Baross street 4., 1082 Budapest
Opening hours: 9pm – 4am daily
Phone: +36 1 338-42-43
Free Taxi Service: +36 30 238 0844
FaceBook Page: Marilyn Table Dance Bar

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Marylin's, 6.0 out of 10 based on 42 ratings

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